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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rezeki Kucing.

I have a lots of cats here at home and whenever I'm in UMT, I'll surely for God sake miss all those cats whenever I see any cats around campus and college.

As you know(perhaps you know), I'm in my first year of degree, and currently in 2nd semester. While typing this, I had a lot of work needs to be done but nah I have one more day left for mid sem holiday. Ha! One more day. Freakin one more day. Gosh.

For the whole week of holiday, I haven't touch any of my work. Busy with cats stuffs. 

Let me tell you a story, I have 11 cats for now; Bubu, Snowy, Browny, Stormy, Loly, Comot, Leo, Theo, Upin, Ipin and Kontot. We randomly named them hahahha.

Theo and Leo. We haven't decide which one is Theo and Leo aha.

Last Sunday(2/4/17), Comot was about time to give birth but we didn't know she couldn't give birth on her own. She bring herself into the cage and stayed there for the whole day! Instead of bringing Comot to Vet, we brought Kontot as we noticed Kontot had flu, and difficulties in breathing while he slept. It took us 30 minutes to honeyvets and omg the traffic jammed was seriously hectic and kakak tak boleh tahan diri dari mencarut hahahaha. Malaysian drivers, please please please give signal either you're going right or left! Don't give last minute signal. So annoying. Okay, back to the story, and long story short, Kontot was like kena asma. He was restless-- dear cat lovers, restless and hyperactive are different

Browny, 2 years old.

Snowy, 2 years old.

Restless is when your cat is playing all day long, because normally hyperactive cat will play all night long and spends most of their time to sleep during the day. 

His lungs had paru-paru berair and needed to be nebulize. The nebulization process took about 3 hours. After 3 hours, the vet said that all the hingus dah keluar and dia dah okay. And the fees was about RM322. Blergh. Gone money gone, for cats. Rezeki kucing. 

Now, Kontot is healthy as he can be. He plays as normal kitten should. Gigit kaki orang and not to mention my hair! But the best part is, when we gave him the medicine, he will cry and yeah spill the ubat inside his mouth. Every single time. Haih macam manusia perangainya. Susah benor makan ubat.

10 minutes before rushing to vet in upm

On Tuesday(11/4/17), I was home alone. Monitoring Comot. She seems like getting worst and there was something like blood on her butt. So I decided to take her to the vet in upm. After the long waiting, vet cakap, she needs to go through xray and ultrasound. Oh pula dah. Okay then, I said. Go ahead. My phone battery was about 10% at that time hahahaha kesian gila aku. So I waited, again. From 10am something until 1pm, I was in the vet, with low phone battery. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any power bank or a freakin charger. So, I tebalkan muka minta kat orang for charger. Tak sampai 5 minit, Comot punya ultrasound and xray is done, and bateri pun tinggal 5% (jadilah tu), we went back to the consultation room. Tunggu for doktor pula. Aigooo. 

Before xray and ultrasound. Phone battery status: 8%

So yeah my day was all for waiting and waiting. Lepas about 10 minit, doctor pun datang and explained all the results. She said while showing me the xray results, Comot had 3 babies; 2 is alive and another one can't be detected (maybe alive after discussing with another doctors). Sebab tak boleh detect, dia dah nak keluar, stuck dekat pelvis dia, i think. Thats what make dia tak boleh nak teran untuk beranak plus dia masih lagi kecil. 

xray results. see the black-ish figure? thats the can-not-detect-in-ultrasound baby.

So they suggested to induce, gave her oxytocin tapi kena monitor la biar dia boleh push. Kalau tak boleh juga kena surgery. Tapi, surgery penuh pula kat situ. Me already crying a river there. So, I called mak and mak said to fetch her up and we're going to Honeyvets. I said to doctor, okay la....saya bawa dia ke private clinic. So I paid, RM138.53 for ultrasound, xray and consultation fees. I rushed to Putrajaya and fetched mak there. Alhamdulillah tak sesat hahaahha sebab biasanya akan sesat walaupun dah beribu kali lalu jalan sama-- 'cause I'm that bad at remembering jalan. Sampai Honeyvets, the doctor explained about cat susah beranak & apa yang mereka akan usually buat. 

So, kalau kucing anda susah beranak, normally mereka akan induced for 2 hours and then kalau tak berjaya, they'll go further for surgery. Before(or after hm tak ingat sebab time tu my sister called me for thousands times) surgery, biasanya mereka akan buat test for fip, aids, and hiv, blood tests to check the heart, liver, kidney function. Kemudian, kena warded dalam 5 hari. And guess what, the estimation costs is about RM1,500 to RM2,000. 


Mana nak cekau duit oi. "For the sake of humanity, teruskan je la with induce and then kalau induce fail, proceed with surgery." Mak menangis weh time cakap tu. Don't worry mak. Mesti ada hikmah Allah uji kita camni. Allah takkan uji hambaNya melampaui kemampuan hamba Dia. Mungkin rezeki Comot kalini. Rezeki kita untuk berkongsi dengan kucing. 

So today(6/4/17), mak called untuk pick Comot kat honeyvets. I was like "Eh bukan ambil hari sabtu/ahad ke?". Okay whatever maybe dia dah stable. Sampai kat honeyvets, dr's assistant pun terkejut. So proceed je la pape pun sebab dari jauh mai dari bangi ke seri kembangan semata-mata for Comot. So tunggu lagi. Sempat la upload video kat ig @secretsebelas. hahahha. 

Dalam pukul 2.30pm, dr. called us. Dr ckp, Comot ada FIP, kutu dalam darah and anak semua mati. Oh my heartu

That's why I'm learning to handle my problems calmly. Think with rational, Listen with all ears. So semuanya salah faham dan miscommunication. So kami pun bayar. We already paid the deposit which costs us RM1119 (from the estimation cost earlier RM2,338, mak paid half of it....by credit). So we pay for the rest with mak's card, RM1,065. So total costs for Comot's treatment is RM2,124. But then, tak dapat resit and results lagi huhuhuhu I waited for freakin 15 minutes for receipt tapi tak dapat. Akan dapat thru whatsapp katanya. Tunggu je lah.

So for now, we have to monitor Comot. Make her happy and not stress. Quarantine her from any of the other cats and kittens. She has to use newspaper to replace litter sand. Oh I forgot to mention, she got Happy Pills. Hahaha I wish I had one. Dr. dah sunatkan si Comot. So she will not pregnant ever again. But please please please, pray for her speedy recovery. She's still young and small-- about 7 months old, equivalent to 12 years old human's age.


Berkata Ibn al Haitami dalam Fatwa:
“Disunatkan untuk bermurah hati kepadanya (kucing) Dan wajib atas pemiliknya memberi makan kepadanya jika ia tidak dapat mencari sendiri makanannya.”
I spent my mid sem holidays with these stuffs and wonder what Allah wants to show us.
Kami adik-beradik sanggup keluarkan duit dari akaun simpanan, just for cats. Watif said this to me,
"Takpa lah. Duit boleh dicari. Mungkin kali ni rezeki kita untuk diberi pada dia. Ada hikmah semua ni. Harini kita tolong dia, insya Allah one day, dia tolong kita."
Yes, one day dia tolong kita, tak di sini, mungkin di akhirat nanti, kan? Insya Allah.
Tidak ada satu pun yang dicipta Allah swt itu tanpa tujuan termasuklah haiwan. Mengikut Ahmad Syakir dalam Umdah al Tafsir ‘an al Hafiz, 1/772, Dar al Wafaa’ (2003), semua haiwan di hari Kiamat kelak akan menjadi debu. Di situlah penamatnya. Tetapi kita sebagai manusia akan ditimbang segala amalan untuk ditentukan kesudahan Neraka dan Syurganya. Jadi kehadiran kucing bukan sahaja sebagai binatang peliharaan yang mengisi kekosongan jiwa kita tetapi juga sebagai wadah untuk menuai ganjaran pahala daripada Allah swt. (tazkirah.net)
Sekian for now.
Gonna do my work.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The past is gone forever.

"By brooding over the past and its tragedies, one exhibits a form of insanity-- a kind of sickness that destroys resolve to live for the present moment. Those who have a firm purpose have file away and forgotten occurences of the past, which will never again see the light, since they occupy such a dark place in the recesses of the mind. Episodes of the past are finished with; sadness cannot retrieve them, melancholy cannot make things right, and depression will never bring the past back to life. This is because the past is non-existent.

Do not live a nightmares of former times or under the shade of what you have missed. Save yourself from the ghostly apparition of the past. Do you think you can return the sun to its place of rising, the babyto its mother's womb, milk to udder, or tears to the eye? By constatntly dwelling on the past and its happenings, you place your self in a very frightful and tragic state of mind.

Reading too much into the past is waste of the present. When Allah mentioned the affairs of the previous nations, He the Exalted, said:

That was a nation who passed away. -Qur'an 2:134-

Former days are gone and done with, and you benefit nothing by carrying out an autopsy over them, by turning back the wheels of history.

The person who lives the in the past is like someone who tries to saw sawdust. Of Old, they used to say:
"Do not remove the dead from their graves."

Our tragedy is that we are incapable of dealing with the present: neglecting our beautiful castles, we wail over dilapidated buildings. If every man and jinn were to try jointly to bring back the past, they would most certainly fail. Everything on earth marches forward, preparing for a new season-- and so should you."

From Don't Be Sad written by 'Aaidh Ibn Abdullah al-Qarni.